Make a Portfolio Book

What is a Portfolio Book?

A Portfolio Book is a full-colour paperback book which showcases a collection of an artist’s work, particularly useful for exhibitions and promotions.

They are made to a fixed format...
210 x 210 mm
Perfect Bound (paperback)
Full Colour
48-pages including...
20 image pages with 20 caption pages
150 gsm silk coated paper

First we set up the book - ready for printing
You will need to provide 20 high-res images and a list of titles along with an artist statement or introduction.
We will lay out the book and send you a PDF proof for your approval.
Once approved, we will produce and send you a printed proof copy.
The cost of laying out the book and producing the printed proof copy is £100.

You are now ready to order your books
You can now order as many or as few books as you like whenever you like.
We print the books for you at £5 per copy.
And deliver them to you by courier - the delivery cost is £8.50 per order.

Selling your books
You can sell your books at exhibitions for whatever price you like - or give them away.
If your book is sold on the ArtCircus Books website.
We typically set a price of £12 and pay you a royalty of £5 per copy sold.
We can also sell your book on Amazon for which we pay a royalty of £3 per copy sold.

Registering your ISBNs
If you want put your book on Amazon, you will need to register your ISBN with the ISBN database.
You will also need to send 5 copies to the 5 copyright libraries.
We can do all this for you - The total cost is £30 including the books and the postage.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss making a portfolio book.
or a more complex book.
More Details

More Details