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Alternative Film Posters - by Jeremy Arblaster

Whether it's wider access to graphic design software, the intensification of fan culture on social media, or even IKEA's cheap frames, alternative film art has never been more popular.

Fans pay homage to their favourite movies by creating unique posters, title cards or logos that highlight what attracts them to a particular film or filmmaker. By honing in on a specific idea or concept from the film, fan-made posters are as much works of art as works of appreciation; if you know, you know. There are some superb examples of 'alternative movie posters' (AMPs) to be found online, with websites such as and offering a home for film art from talented designers and artists across the world.
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Three Seasons by Sam Branton
Three Seasons is a collection of drawings and paintings produced over five years based on the same underlying theme but divided into three distinct styles.

The underlying theme is a presentation of animals in unlikely settings or improbable pairings which results in a sometimes surreal and sometimes humerous impression on the viewer. An essential feature of the work is to present animals in a playful rather than hostile setting.

Deluge - tranquil monochrome drawings using red pencil

Holy Ground - small oil paintings of animals in neo-classical landscapes

Luciferase - black pencil drawings in a night-time setting

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Refugees of Moria - by Mark Slater

In September 2020, a fire ripped through the Moria refugee camp.
Twelve Thousand people had no choice but to sleep on the side of the roads around what was left of the camp.
This book documents the conditions of the people who lived in this overcrowded, unhygienic and inhumane European refugee camp in the 21st century.
Europe has not seen scenes like this since the end of WW2 and the war in the Balkans during the 1980s.
The refugees need our collective support and humanity.
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Entanglement - by Paul Knight
Each page is a work of art, assembled and constructed by the artist with startling emotional results. The overarching concept that binds the pictures together is the quantum theory of entanglement, and the interconnectedness of each portrait sheds a thrilling light on this vast concept. Flowers, thistles, weeds and dead insects are arranged with a consummate artistic skill to provide a single portrait.
There is something historic and ancestral about them, like Old Masters but giving birth to an exciting new form. Birth, death, structure, chaos, fragility, and the stunning intricacies and beauty of a single dead and curled up petal.
They evoke instant emotion; resonant, melancholy and exciting; this is an artist with something new to offer. Utterly original, each page is like a beautiful song on an inspired album that tenderly reminds us of the fragility, pain and beauty of the eternal wheel of life and death.
Doon Mackichan
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Membranes U.S Tour 2015 Photobook
John Robb
Award winning journalist and boss of Louder Than War. In a 30 year music writing career, John was the first to write about bands such as Stone Roses and Nirvana and has several best selling music books to his name. He constantly tours the world with Goldblade and the Membranes playing gigs or doing spoken word and speaking at music conferences.
We Eat Rhythm - The Prodigy Story - by Martin James
This then, is the unique story of a group of friends who came together through the energy of the rave and then proceeded to tear up the rulebook. A band who came from the safe environment of a huge and vibrant youth movement and gradually threw off the shackles of expectation before emerging alone, standing proud with a sound and style which would influence musicians from all genres, artists, film makers, advertising people… the list is endless. Like the greatest rock & roll bands The Prodigy exist as a group of one. They have no peers, they are unparalleled.
Glyndbourne paintings - by Julian Sutherland-Beatson Based in Sussex, Julian paints the landscape, coastline and urban areas in a style often described as 'contemporary realism'. He studied illustration and printmaking at the Eastbourne College of Art for 4 years (under the tuition of printmaker Robert Tavener) before embarking on a career in graphic design and illustration.
Since 2004, when he had 2 paintings purchased by the House of Lords to complement an existing collection of period travel paintings, he has been painting and exhibiting in the UK and throughout Europe. He has been accepted 3 times to exhibit work in the Royal Academy Summer exhibition.
In 2009 Julian worked on a project entitled ‘Sussex 365, A Year in the Life’ which comprised 365 Sussex paintings. He was invited to show this work during the 2010 Glyndebourne Tour and then returned the following year, creating a a painting every day throughout the Glyndebourne season which were then exhibited in the Stalls Gallery. He has returned each summer since then, continuing the ‘daily painting’ tradition and this book features a number of his favourite paintings made during that time.
Memoirs of a Geezer - by Jah Wobble
Mercury-shortlisted musician, former Public Image Limited bassist, punk rebel and genuine geezer, Jah Wobble spills all in his autobiography.
This is Jah Wobble’s frank and entertaining insider view of the beginning of punk rock and life in the music business.
Celebrated ups - PiL’s Metal Box and Wobbles 90s hit with Sinead O’Connor - are balanced with major downs - chronic alcoholism and marital breakdown. And if you ever wondered how Wobble got his name, the answer is here, alongside his refreshingly disrespectful opinions of the great and the good.
‘Post-punk bass behemoth and for London Tube driver bares all… It’s a colourful read, full of the sort of old school music business shenanigans you hope don’t go on anymore… And Wobble can write… Very entertaining’ Johnny Davis Q
‘The ultimate punk and post-punk raconteur’
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